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Once upon a time, I overheard a conversation in the office that upset me. "I would like to see one of your shows, but it is just SO EXPENSIVE!" These are people who think nothing of plunking down $25 for a dinner. Or $85 to see FIDDLER ON THE ROOF or CHICAGO, for example. I think that there are a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to stage a musical - of any scale. Besides the hundreds of donated hours from the talented cast and crew, expenses that many may not know about are legion. People want to buy tickets to what they "know." They do not want to take a risk on something new. The ticket price of $20 - $27.50 covers about 60 percent of expenses for any show. This is if we sell over 80 percent of all seats. If you look around you and see more than 15 chairs empty - we are in the red. This is after community funding and private gifts from our supporters. Here are figures for a general production that might surprise you:

Theater Rental: $1800-$2000
Royalties : $2300
Music Rental: $800
Honorarium for actors/tech/music director: $600-$800 each
Insurance: $300 per year
Sets, props, costumes: $1000
Postcard printing, mailing: $1500
Piano rental and tuning: $500
Program: $500
Posters and marketing: $200
Rented extra lighting, sound: $800
Operation costs: (dry cleaning, batteries for mics, etc) $200
Stage Hands: $200
Say we seat 100 and have ten performances. The thought of breaking even is, at this point, a daydream.
But we still want to continue.

So, as you can see, it is not cheap to produce even a small, intimate musical. It is even a greater risk to produce a show that many outside of New York City, despite rave reviews, have not heard of. Businesses, corporations and individuals, please help us continue to bring Tucson musicals that are new, exciting and daring. If you can, be a friend of Arizona Onstage Productions. Yes, we love the classical musicals, but there are new, vibrant composers who want you to see and hear that they do indeed write amazing NEW musicals.

We encourage any amount; however, we have created categories if you would like to be featured in all promotions and advertising materials:

ANGEL: $5,000 - You or your business will be mentioned in every program and have a full page ad if you wish.

PLATINUM SPONSOR: $2,000 - mention in all media, and a full page ad for the season.

GOLD SPONSOR: $1,500 - mention in all printed material.

SILVER SPONSOR: $1,000 - mention in all printed material.

BRONZE SPONSOR: $500 - mention in all printed material.

All of these categories include two free tickets for opening weekend of each show.


Full Page (5x8) $450.00 (outside back color)
Full Page $350.00 (inside back color)
Full Page $400.00 (inside front cover)
Full Page $250.00
Half Page (4x5) $150.00
Quarter Page (2.5x5) $75.00
Business Card (2.5x2.5) $50.00

Checks can be made out to: Arizona Onstage Productions - PO Box 3094, Tucson Arizona 85702